Rotary Masters Programe in Peace and Conflict

Friday, April 19, 2024

Jan Smedh

Are you interested in furthering your education at Master's level in peace and conflict management?
Or are you a club that has a candidate you want to highlight?

This page contains information about Rotary Peace Centers and how to apply for a Fellowship.

The education is uniquely meritorious and can lead to fantastic opportunities.

See the presentation of the students who started their education in Uppsala in the fall of 2023 and hear why some applied for the program on YouTube.

You can also listen to Rotary Peace Fellow Jamie LeSueur, who was named Uppsala University Alumnus of the Year 2020, and his experience of work after graduation.

The application for 2025 is open between 1/2 and 15/5 2024
Note that the application must be endorsed by a Rotary club.

If you want help with this or have any other questions about the application process, you can write to

Within Rotary's focus area Working for Peace, Rotary collaborates with selected universities (so-called Rotary Peace Centers).

Education at Master's level:
* University of Bradford, England Duke University, USA
* International Christian University, Japan
* University of Queensland, Australia
* Uppsala University, Sweden

Professional Development Certificate Program
* Makerere University, Uganda
* Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey

These universities offer academic training in conflict resolution, human rights, negotiation, non-violence, peace building and reconciliation, among others.

Each year, Rotary awards scholarships to roughly 100 people who wish to study at a Rotary Peace Center.

The scholarship includes all tuition and other university fees, a monthly allowance for room and board, transportation and stipend for a summer internship, funding for participation in academic conferences, travel, etc.

Swedish citizens can apply for scholarships to all universities in the program, except Uppsala.

Rotary offers each of the scholars (known as Rotary Peace Fellows) a contact family at the place of study who can assist with practical tasks and introduce them to their local network.

The following experiences are required to qualify as an applicant for the Rotary Scholarship for Studies in Peace and Conflict Management:
* Bachelor's degree
* At least three years of related work experience for the master's program
* Five years of related work experience for the certificate program
* Be able to explain their personal plan to promote peace consistent with Rotary's mission
* Proficiency in the English language [TOEFL test required]
* Demonstrate leadership skills
* Have a strong commitment to cross-cultural understanding and peace

Note that this education is so attractive globally that those who end up receiving the scholarship are often far more meritorious. Of the normally approx. 1000 who are approved to actually apply for the scholarship, roughly 100 are finally accepted and have an average of 7 years of related work experience and usually both one and two degrees.

The education is of a very high standard and gives you access to a fantastic alumni network.

Today, over 1,600 people globally have gone through the training and are all over the world in key positions - here you can see what they are doing today:

Here is information about the application.

You can also write to